RegulonDB Summary of evolutionary conservation

Summary of evolutionary conservation of LexA gene regulated (first gene of a TU) interactions

Evolutionary conservation in RegulonDB is limited to gammaproteobacteria. Conservation of a regulatory interaction, i.e. a TF regulating a target gene, is inferred from the overrepresentation of TFBSs in upstream regions of the orthologous target genes. We searched for TFBS conservation only in those genomes with an ortholog for the TF and for the regulated gene. Orthologs were selected based on a bidirectional best-hit procedure using RSAT tools package. Overrepresentation is calculated based on the binomial distribution; the binomial significance is shown in following table as significance of conservation.

First Gene Significance of conservation (nd) Footprint conservation
cho 77.84
dinB 169.46
dinD 5.87
dinG 28.19
dinI 195.30
dinJ 8.80
dinQ nd
ftsK 43.85
ftsL nd
hokE 2.75 (Below threshold)
insK 0 (Below threshold)
lexA 130.30
molR_1 nd
phr nd
polB 39.62
recA 112.69
recN 95.34
rpsU 0 (Below threshold)
ruvA 56.07
sbmC 72.23
ssb 72.21
sulA 185.06
symE 25.77
tisB nd
umuD 166.90
uvrA 76.68
uvrB 120.88
uvrC nd
uvrD 106.79
uvrY 0 (Below threshold)
yafN nd
ybfE 4.43 (Below threshold)
ydjM 88.44
yebG 133.11