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ppc gene in Escherichia coli K-12 genome

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ppc eptC argE Cra terminator TSS_4301 TSS_4301 TSS_4300 TSS_4300 TSS_4299 TSS_4299 TSS_4298 TSS_4298 ppcp ppcp TSS_4297 (cluster) TSS_4297 (cluster) TSS_4296 TSS_4296 TSS_4295 TSS_4295 TSS_4294 (cluster) TSS_4294 (cluster) TSS_4293 TSS_4293 TSS_4292 TSS_4292 TSS_4291 TSS_4291 TSS_4290 TSS_4290 TSS_4289 TSS_4289 TSS_4288 TSS_4288 TSS_4287 TSS_4287 TSS_4286 TSS_4286 TSS_4285 TSS_4285 TSS_4284 TSS_4284 TSS_4283 TSS_4283 TSS_4282 (cluster) TSS_4282 (cluster) TSS_4281 (cluster) TSS_4281 (cluster) TSS_4280 TSS_4280 TSS_4279 TSS_4279 TSS_4278 TSS_4278 TSS_4277 TSS_4277 TSS_4276 TSS_4276 TSS_4275 TSS_4275 TSS_4274 TSS_4274 TSS_4273 (cluster) TSS_4273 (cluster) TSS_4272 TSS_4272 yijPp9 yijPp9

Name: ppc    Texpresso search in the literature
Synonym(s): asp, b3956, glu
Genome position(nucleotides): 4148470 <-- 4151121 Genome Browser
Strand: reverse
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GC content %:  
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M3D: ppc
PortEco: b3956

Name: Ppc
Synonym(s): Asp, Glu
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Cellular location: cytosol
Molecular weight: 99.062
Isoelectric point: 5.4
Type Positions Sequence
587 -> 587 R
579 -> 579 H
138 -> 138 H


Multifun Terms (GenProtEC)  
  1 - metabolism --> 1.3 - energy metabolism, carbon --> 1.3.4 - TCA cycle
  1 - metabolism --> 1.3 - energy metabolism, carbon --> 1.3.5 - fermentation
Gene Ontology Terms (GO)  
cellular_component GO:0005829 - cytosol
molecular_function GO:0003824 - catalytic activity
GO:0016829 - lyase activity
GO:0008964 - phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase activity
GO:0000287 - magnesium ion binding
biological_process GO:0008152 - metabolic process
GO:0006099 - tricarboxylic acid cycle
GO:0015977 - carbon fixation
GO:0006107 - oxaloacetate metabolic process
Note(s): Note(s): ...[more].
Reference(s): [1] Canovas JL., et al., 1965
[2] Coomes MW., et al., 1985
[3] Inoue M., et al., 1989
[4] Ishijima S., et al., 1986
[5] Kodaki T., et al., 1984
[6] Kwon YD., et al., 2008
[7] Sabe H., et al., 1984
[8] Tan Z., et al., 2013
[9] Terada K., et al., 1991
[10] Vandedrinck S., et al., 2001
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Name: ppc         
Operon arrangement:
Transcription unit        Promoter

Transcriptional Regulation      
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Repressed by: Cra

Elements in the selected gene context region unrelated to any object in RegulonDB      

  Type Name Post Left Post Right Strand Notes Evidence (Confirmed, Strong, Weak) References
  promoter yijPp9 4148334 reverse Similarity to the consensus
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[ICWHO] [11]
  promoter TSS_4272 4149091 reverse nd nd nd
  promoter TSS_4273 (cluster) 4149702 reverse For this promoter, there
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nd nd
  promoter TSS_4274 4149707 reverse nd nd nd
  promoter TSS_4275 4149709 reverse nd nd nd
  promoter TSS_4276 4149717 reverse nd nd nd
  promoter TSS_4277 4149721 reverse nd nd nd
  promoter TSS_4278 4149740 reverse nd nd nd
  promoter TSS_4279 4149917 reverse nd nd nd
  promoter TSS_4280 4149926 reverse nd nd nd
  promoter TSS_4281 (cluster) 4149941 reverse For this promoter, there
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nd nd
  promoter TSS_4282 (cluster) 4149945 reverse For this promoter, there
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nd nd
  promoter TSS_4283 4150069 reverse nd nd nd
  promoter TSS_4284 4150072 reverse nd nd nd
  promoter TSS_4285 4150076 reverse nd nd nd
  promoter TSS_4286 4150083 reverse nd nd nd
  promoter TSS_4287 4150108 reverse nd nd nd
  promoter TSS_4288 4150172 reverse nd nd nd
  promoter TSS_4289 4150176 reverse nd nd nd
  promoter TSS_4290 4150181 reverse nd nd nd
  promoter TSS_4291 4150187 reverse nd nd nd
  promoter TSS_4292 4150466 reverse nd nd nd
  promoter TSS_4293 4150551 reverse nd nd nd
  promoter TSS_4294 (cluster) 4150699 reverse For this promoter, there
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nd nd
  promoter TSS_4295 4150937 reverse nd nd nd
  promoter TSS_4296 4151144 reverse nd nd nd
  promoter TSS_4297 (cluster) 4151211 reverse For this promoter, there
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nd nd
  promoter TSS_4298 4151595 reverse nd nd nd
  promoter TSS_4299 4151598 reverse nd nd nd
  promoter TSS_4300 4151717 reverse nd nd nd
  promoter TSS_4301 4151720 reverse nd nd nd


 [ICWHO] Inferred computationally without human oversight


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