RegulonDB RegulonDB 10.8: Transcription Factor Family Browser

Transcription Factor Family Browser

Generally, the DNA-binding domains associated with TFs have been used to classify TFs into families (Perez-Rueda et al., 2004). The collection of TFs with experimental evidence in RegulonDB were classified in evolutionary families based on PFAM, CDD, and Superfamily annotations (Wilson et al., 2009, Punta et al., 2011, Gough and Chothia, 2002 and Marchler-Bauer et al., 2007). These families do not only vary on their number of members but also in the functions they are regulating. (PÚrez-Rueda E. et al 2015).

This browser allows to see the all TFs in RegulonDB and navigate to their corresponding regulon or their Position Weight Matrix (PWM) web page.

E coli K12 TF PSSMs