RegulonDB RegulonDB 10.8: Integrated Overviews

Integrated Overviews


The Integrated Overviews offer a collection of distribution of objects of interest. They are organized in 5 major categories: TFs, operons, sigma factor, regulon and DNA binding sites. Every link within each column contains a distribution of the main object title as specified in the link. Thus, under DNA binding sites, the activator link gives the distribution of all activator DNA binding sites.

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Transcription Factor Operon Sigma Factor Regulon DNA Binding Site
DNA Binding Sites Transcription Units Genes Transcription Factors Activation
DNA Binding Site Sizes Genes Transcription Factors Repression
  Sigma Factors Promoters Activation In Sigma19 Promoters
  DNA Binding Sites Activation In Sigma24 Promoters
  Promoter Activation In Sigma28 Promoters
  Transcription Factors Activation In Sigma32 Promoters
  Terminators Activation In Sigma38 Promoters
    Activation In Sigma54 Promoters
    Activation In Sigma70 Promoters
    Repression In Sigma19 Promoters
    Repression In Sigma24 Promoters
    Repression In Sigma28 Promoters
    Repression In Sigma32 Promoters
    Repression In Sigma38 Promoters
    Repression In Sigma54 Promoters
    Repression In Sigma70 Promoters