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List of promoters regulated by [BtsR,-] regulatory phrase


List of promoters with sites of this regulated phrase. Proximal sites are those within the interval from -93 to +30 with respect to the TSS (+1); from where the TF can in principle directly interact with RNA polymerase. All other sites are considered remote, either upstream or downstream.

Promoters and their regulatory phrases


[BtsR,-] Regulatory phrases      

[BtsR,-] phrase
  Remote upstream site(s) Proximal site(s) Remote downstream site(s) Promoter name
  [BtsR,-,-145] [BtsR,-,-73] [BtsR,-,-49]   mdhp1
    [BtsR,-,-25] [BtsR,-,37] csgDp3
    [BtsR,-,-25] [BtsR,-,37] csgDp1
  [BtsR,-,-203] [BtsR,-,-188]     pdhRp2
  [BtsR,-,-203] [BtsR,-,-188]     pdhRp
  [BtsR,-,-207] [BtsR,-,-174] [BtsR,-,-138]     yobFp1
      [BtsR,-,62] csgBp
      [BtsR,-,62] csgBp2

[BtsR,-] phrase and all other phrases that regulate this promoter(s). List of promoters and their corresponding regulatory phrases.