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List of promoters regulated by [Cra,-] regulatory phrase


List of promoters with sites of this regulated phrase. Proximal sites are those within the interval from -93 to +30 with respect to the TSS (+1); from where the TF can in principle directly interact with RNA polymerase. All other sites are considered remote, either upstream or downstream.

Promoters and their regulatory phrases


[Cra,-] Regulatory phrases      

[Cra,-] phrase

[Cra,-] phrase and all other phrases that regulate this promoter(s). List of promoters and their corresponding regulatory phrases.
  Remote upstream site(s) Proximal site(s) Remote downstream site(s) Promoter name
  [Cra,-,-91.5] tpiAp2
  [Cra,-,-91.5] glkp2
  [Cra,-,-91.5] glkp4
  [Cra,-,-91.5] tpiAp
  [Cra,-,-84.5] hypFp2
  [AcrR,-,-40.5] [CpxR,+,-29.0] [MarR,-,17.0,-18.0] [MarA,+,-61.5] [SoxS,+,-61.5] [Rob,+,-61.5] [CRP,+,-52.5] [Fis,+,-81.0] [Cra,-,-72.5] marRp
  [CRP,+,-42.5] [Cra,-,-55.5] ptsHp1
  [Cra,-,-46.5] ppcp
  [CRP,+,-37.5] [Cra,-,-36.5] mplp1
  [CRP,+,-37.5] [Cra,-,-36.5] mplp
  [Cra,-,-35.5] pfkAp2
  [Cra,-,-35.5] pfkAp
  [Cra,-,-35.5] fbaBp
  [MarA,+,-54.0] [SoxS,+,-51.5] [Rob,+,-54.0] [Cra,-,-35.5] zwfp
  [Cra,-,-31.5] gpmMp1
  [CRP,+,-102.5,-219.5,-261.5,-175.5] [CRP,+,-58.5] [Cra,-,-22.5] [Fis,-,137.0] mtlAp
  [IHF,+,-115.0] [Fis,-,-97.0,-142.0] [CRP,-,-296.5] [IHF,-,-88.0] [NarP,+,-74.0,-65.0] [NarL,+,-74.0,-65.0] [Fis,-,23.0] [CRP,-,-41.5] [FNR,+,-41.5] [Cra,-,-15.5] nirBp
  [Fis,-,-120.0] [Fis,-,-90.0,-66.0] [CRP,+,-18.5] [Cra,-,-4.5] [GlcC,-,47.0] [Fis,-,72.0] glcCp
  [CRP,+,-70.5] [Cra,-,3.5] epdp2
  [CRP,+,-70.5] [Cra,-,3.5] epdp
  [GntR,-,-93.5] [KdgR,-,-76.0] [Cra,-,4.5] [GntR,-,128.5] eddp
  [Cra,-,7.5] hypFp3
  [Cra,-,18.5] pykFp
  [Cra,-,-725.5] [Cra,-,-43.5] gapAp1
  [Cra,-,-725.5] [Cra,-,-43.5] gapAp
  [Cra,-,-205.5] [Cra,-,-8.5] enop1
  [Cra,-,-177.5] [Cra,-,20.5] enop2
  [Cra,-,-159.5] [Cra,-,-13.5] pdeLp1
  [Cra,-,-33.5] [Cra,-,164.5] enop3
  [Cra,-,7.5] [Cra,-,73.5] fruBp
  [Cra,-,-332.5] [SgrR,+,-53.5] sgrSp
  [Cra,-,-332.5] [SgrR,+,-53.5] sgrSp2
  [PdhR,-,-177.0] [ArcA,-,-200.0] [CRP,+,-191.5] [FNR,-,-192.5] [Cra,-,-268.5] [Fur,-,-213.0] [CRP,+,-37.5] [HprR,-,69.5] [CusR,+,69.5] cyoAp
  [BtsR,-,-188.0,-203.0] [CRP,+,-110.5,-377.5] [Cra,-,-185.5] [PdhR,-,19.0] [CRP,+,-50.5,-82.5,-62.5,-70.5] [FNR,+,-50.5] [FNR,-,-50.5] pdhRp
  [BtsR,-,-188.0,-203.0] [CRP,+,-110.5,-377.5] [Cra,-,-185.5] [PdhR,-,19.0] [CRP,+,-70.5,-82.5,-62.5,-50.5] [FNR,+,-50.5] [FNR,-,-50.5] pdhRp2
  [PrpR,+,-113.5,-147.5] [CRP,+,-106.5] [Cra,-,-101.5] prpBp
  [Cra,-,-608.5] [Cra,-,74.5] gapAp2
  [Cra,-,-587.5] [CRP,+,-41.5] [Cra,-,95.5] gapAp3
  [Cra,-,-516.5] [Cra,-,166.5] gapAp4
  [Lrp,-,-157.0] [Fis,+,-148.0] [Lrp,-,-6.0,-65.0] [Fis,+,-68.0,-42.0] [NarL,-,81.0,90.0] [Cra,-,36.5] adhEp
  [Lrp,-,-157.0] [Fis,+,-148.0] [Lrp,-,-6.0,-65.0] [Fis,+,-42.0,-68.0] [NarL,-,90.0,81.0] [Cra,-,36.5] adhEp1
  [Mlc,-,-79.0,-13.0] [NagC,-,-80.0,4.0] [CRP,+,-40.5,-92.5] [Cra,-,40.5] manXp