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IclR DNA-binding transcriptional repressor

Synonyms: IclR-glyoxylate, IclR, IclR-pyruvate
The transcription factor IclR, for "Isocitrate lyase Regulator," is negatively autoregulated [3]and it regulates the expression of the glyoxylate bypass operon [4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9] Transcription of this operon is induced when E. coli is grown during acetate accumulation in the exponential phase. Glyoxylate and pyruvate have been identified as effectors of IclR and show antagonistic effects. While glyoxylate favors the inactive dimeric state of IclR, pyruvate increases the binding of IclR to the aceBp promoter by stabilizing the active tetrameric form of the protein [10] On other hand, the genes of the aceBAK operon are expressed to varied degrees due to two facts: first, they are differentially regulated at the translational level, and second, there is a putative premature transcriptional termination in the region preceding the aceK gene [11] IclR represses aceBAK transcription through two mechanisms [1] (1) binding to the proximal site, overlapping the -35 promoter box, and preventing RNA polymerase binding [2, 9, 12] and (2) binding to the distal site after the RNA polymerase has bound to the promoter and formed the open complex, avoiding the polymerase escape of the promoter through its interaction with the α-subunits.
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Transcription factor      
TF conformation(s):
Name Conformation Type TF-Effector Interaction Type Apo/Holo Conformation Evidence (Confirmed, Strong, Weak) References
IclR Non-Functional   Apo nd nd
IclR-glyoxylate Non-Functional Allosteric Holo nd nd
IclR-pyruvate Functional Allosteric Holo nd nd
Evolutionary Family: IclR
Sensing class: Using internal synthesized signals
Connectivity class: Local Regulator
Gene name: iclR
  Genome position: 4222804-4223628
  Length: 825 bp / 274 aa
Operon name: iclR
TU(s) encoding the TF:
Transcription unit        Promoter

Regulated gene(s) aceA, aceB, aceK, iclR
Multifun term(s) of regulated gene(s) MultiFun Term (List of genes associated to the multifun term)
glyoxylate bypass (4)
posttranslational modification (1)
covalent modification, demodification, maturation (1)
Transcription related (1)
repressor (1)
Regulated operon(s) aceBAK, iclR
First gene in the operon(s) aceB, iclR
Simple and complex regulons ArcA,CRP,Cra,IHF,IclR
Simple and complex regulatory phrases Regulatory phrase (List of promoters regulated by the phrase)

Transcription factor regulation    

Transcription factor binding sites (TFBSs) arrangements

  Functional conformation Function Promoter Sigma factor Central Rel-Pos Distance to first Gene Genes Sequence
LeftPos RightPos Evidence (Confirmed, Strong, Weak) References
  IclR-pyruvate repressor aceBp Sigma70 -141.0 -217.0 aceB, aceA, aceK
4215258 4215264 [GEA], [APIORCISFBSCS], [BPP] [1]
  IclR-pyruvate repressor aceBp Sigma70 -131.0 -207.0 aceB, aceA, aceK
4215268 4215274 [GEA], [APIORCISFBSCS], [BPP] [1]
  IclR-pyruvate repressor aceBp Sigma70 -122.0 -198.0 aceB, aceA, aceK
4215277 4215283 [GEA], [APIORCISFBSCS], [BPP] [1]
  IclR-pyruvate repressor aceBp Sigma70 -104.0 -180.0 aceB, aceA, aceK
4215295 4215301 [GEA], [APIORCISFBSCS], [BPP] [1]
  IclR-pyruvate repressor aceBp Sigma70 -53.0 -129.0 aceB, aceA, aceK
4215346 4215352 [GEA], [APIORCISFBSCS], [BPP] [1], [2]
  IclR-pyruvate repressor aceBp Sigma70 -38.0 -114.0 aceB, aceA, aceK
4215357 4215372 [GEA], [APIORCISFBSCS], [BPP] [1], [2]
  IclR-pyruvate repressor aceBp Sigma70 -26.0 -102.0 aceB, aceA, aceK
4215373 4215379 [GEA], [APIORCISFBSCS], [BPP] [1], [2]
  IclR-pyruvate repressor iclRp nd -7.0 -31.0 iclR
4223652 4223667 [GEA], [APIORCISFBSCS], [BPP] [1]

Alignment and PSSM for IclR TFBSs    

Aligned TFBS of IclR   

Position weight matrix (PWM). IclR matrix-quality result   
A	4	2	1	0	6	3	0	0	1	1	2	3	3	2	2	0
C	0	0	0	4	0	3	3	0	0	5	3	0	0	0	0	3
G	1	2	2	1	1	0	0	0	1	1	1	3	1	1	2	0
T	3	4	5	3	1	2	5	8	6	1	2	2	4	5	4	5

;	consensus.strict             	attcactTtCcgtttt
;	consensus.strict.rc          	AAAACGGAAAGTGAAT
;	consensus.IUPAC              	wkkyamyTtCcrwtky
;	consensus.IUPAC.rc           	RMAWYGGAARKTRMMW
;	consensus.regexp             	[at][gt][gt][ct]a[ac][ct]TtCc[ag][at]t[gt][ct]
;	consensus.regexp.rc          	[AG][AC]A[AT][CT]GGAA[AG][GT]T[AG][AC][AC][AT]

PWM logo   


Evolutionary conservation of regulatory elements    
     Note: Evolutionary conservation of regulatory interactions and promoters is limited to gammaproteobacteria.
TF-target gene evolutionary conservation
Promoter-target gene evolutionary conservation


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