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YdeO DNA-binding transcriptional dual regulator

Synonyms: YdeO
YdeO belongs to the AraC/XylS family of transcriptional regulators and shows more similarity to YhiW, AppY, AdiY, and GadX than the other AraC/XylS regulators [2]. The members of this family exhibit two domains, an amino-terminal domain involved in coinducer recognition and dimerization and a carboxy-terminal domain that contains a potential helix-turn-helix DNA-binding motif [2]. YdeO activates genes involved in the cellular response to acid resistance [3, 4, 5]. This protein, together with the proteins HNS, EvgA, and GadE, pertains to a specific regulatory circuit that is functional in exponential-phase cells growing in minimal medium [3, 4, 5]. Several of the genes directly regulated by YdeO are also directly regulated by GadX [5]. The YdeO regulon has been determined [6].
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Transcription factor      
TF conformation(s):
Name Conformation Type TF-Effector Interaction Type Apo/Holo Conformation Evidence (Confirmed, Strong, Weak) References
YdeO Functional   [APPH], [APPHINH], [GEA], [HIFS], [IEP], [IMP] [1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6]
Evolutionary Family: AraC/XylS
Connectivity class: Local Regulator
Gene name: ydeO
  Genome position: 1582926-1583687
  Length: 762 bp / 253 aa
Operon name: safA-ydeO
TU(s) encoding the TF:
Transcription unit        Promoter

Regulated gene(s) appA, appB, appC, appX, dctR, gadE, gadF, gadW, hyaA, hyaB, hyaC, hyaD, hyaE, hyaF, mdtE, mdtF, safA, slp, uspD, ydeO, yiiS
Multifun term(s) of regulated gene(s) MultiFun Term (List of genes associated to the multifun term)
aerobic respiration (6)
anaerobic respiration (6)
membrane (5)
Transcription related (3)
electron donors (3)
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Regulated operon(s) appCBXA, gadAXW, gadEF-mdtEF, hyaABCDEF, safA-ydeO, slp-dctR, yiiS-uspD
First gene in the operon(s) appC, gadE, gadE, gadW, hyaA, safA, slp, yiiS
Simple and complex regulons AppY,ArcA,Fis,IscR,NarL,NarP,YdeO
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Simple and complex regulatory phrases Regulatory phrase (List of promoters regulated by the phrase)

Transcription factor regulation    

Transcription factor binding sites (TFBSs) arrangements

  Functional conformation Function Promoter Sigma factor Central Rel-Pos Distance to first Gene Genes Sequence LeftPos RightPos Evidence (Confirmed, Strong, Weak) References
  YdeO activator appCp Sigma70, Sigma38 -27.5 -57.0 appC, appB, appX, appA
1037672 1037694 [BPP], [GEA], [IHBCE] [6]
  YdeO activator gadEp Sigma38 nd -3658366.0 gadE, gadF, mdtE, mdtF nd nd [BPP], [GEA] [3]
  YdeO activator gadEp3 Sigma70 -41.0 -607.0 gadE, gadF
3657746 3657772 [BPP], [GEA], [IHBCE] [6], [7]
  YdeO activator gadWp1 nd -13.0 -46.5 gadW
3664654 3664675 [BPP], [GEA], [IHBCE] [6]
  YdeO activator hyaAp Sigma70, Sigma38 -61.0 -215.5 hyaA, hyaB, hyaC, hyaD, hyaE, hyaF
1031912 1031935 [BPP], [GEA], [IHBCE] [6]
  YdeO repressor safAp Sigma70 nd 1583959.0 safA, ydeO nd nd [GEA] [1]
  YdeO activator slpp Sigma70 -40.0 -64.5 slp, dctR
3653884 3653909 [BPP], [GEA], [IHBCE] [6]
  YdeO activator yiiSp Sigma24 -55.0 -152.5 yiiS, uspD
4112798 4112831 [BPP], [GEA], [IHBCE] [6]

High-throughput Transcription factor binding sites (TFBSs)

  Functional conformation Function Object name Object type Distance to first Gene Sequence LeftPos RightPos Evidence (Confirmed, Strong, Weak) References
  YdeO activator nhaR nd nd 17894 17927 [IHBCE] nd

Evolutionary conservation of regulatory elements    
     Note: Evolutionary conservation of regulatory interactions and promoters is limited to gammaproteobacteria.
Promoter-target gene evolutionary conservation


 [APPH] Assay of protein purified to homogeneity

 [APPHINH] Assay of protein purified to homogeneity from its native host

 [GEA] Gene expression analysis

 [HIFS] Human inference of function from sequence

 [IEP] Inferred from expression pattern

 [IMP] Inferred from mutant phenotype

 [BPP] Binding of purified proteins

 [IHBCE] Inferred by a human based on computational evidence


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