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PurR regulon in Escherichia coli K-12 genome

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Connectivity class Local Regulator
Sensing Class Using internal synthesized signals
Synonym(s): DNA-binding transcriptional repressor PurR
Gene name(s): purR
Functional conformation(s): PurR-hypoxanthine , PurR-Guanine , PurR
Coregulator(s): CRP, DnaA, FNR, Fis, Fur, GadE, GcvA, IHF, Lrp, MarA, MetR, Nac, PepA, PhoP, PurR, RbsR, RutR
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KNOWN BINDING SITES (The central relative position is relative to the promoter +1)    
PurR repressor    
Transcription Factor
Binding Sites
Functional conformation
Central Rel-Pos
PurR-hypoxanthine repressor purCp purC 2597772 2597787 2.5 ctgatatgatACGCAAACGTGTGCGTctgcaggaaa [GEA] [1]
PurR-hypoxanthine repressor purLp purL 2695620 2695635 -38.5 ttttatttccACGCAAACGGTTTCGTcagcgcatca [GEA] [1]
PurR-hypoxanthine repressor hflDp purB , hflD 1191787 1191802 892.5 tttgctgccgACGCAATCGGTTACCTtgatgcaatc [GEA] [1]
PurR-hypoxanthine repressor cvpAp1 ubiX , purF , cvpA 2430821 2430836 -28.5 aggaaatcccTACGCAAACGTTTTCTttttctgtta [GEA] [1]
PurR-hypoxanthine repressor purEp purK , purE 553172 553187 -37.5 tttcacagccACGCAACCGTTTTCCTtgctctcttt [GEA] [1]
PurR-hypoxanthine repressor glnBp2 glnB 2687476 2687491 20.5 cacgagctggATGCAAACGATTTCAAggaatgaatt [GEA] [8]
PurR-hypoxanthine repressor glnBp1 glnB 2687476 2687491 -42.5 cacgagctggATGCAAACGATTTCAAggaatgaatt [GEA] [8]
PurR-hypoxanthine repressor prsp prs 1262218 1262233 -48.5 aggttatcgcAAGAAAACGTTTTCGCgaggttgatg [GEA] [8]
PurR-hypoxanthine repressor speAp speB , speA 3086030 3086045 11.5 tgttatgaaaAAGAAACCGGTTGCGCagttggagcg [GEA] [8]
PurR-hypoxanthine repressor purTp purT 1930828 1930844 -21.5 ataaagacacACGCAAACGTTTTCGTTtatactgcgc [GEA] [9]

Evidence: [GEA] Gene expression analysis
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