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Summary of evolutionary conservation promoters regulated by Rob

The evolutionary conservation of promoters is limited to Gammaproteobacteria and to sigma70 promoters. In general an promoter is conserved if, i) the position of the promoter from the gene start is conserved, or ii) the promoter sequence recognized by the sigma70 factor is conserved (p < 0.0001). To avoid redundancy, the orthologous regions were purged using the program Purge-Sequence from RSAtools. Orthologs consisted of BLAST reciprocal best hits using soft masking and Smith-Waterman alignments.

First gene Promoter name Evolutionary conservation ratio (nd) Footprint conservation
acnA acnAp1 0.03
acnAp2 0.08
acnAp3 (nd)
ymiCp (nd)
acrA acrAp 0.24
acrZ acrZp (nd)
aldA aldAp (nd)
aslB aslBp (nd)
chaC chaCp (nd)
elaB elaBp (nd)
fadB fadBp 0.18
fadL fadLp (nd)
fumC fumAp 0.12
fumCp1 (nd)
fumCp2 (nd)
inaA inaAp 0.08
ldtB ldtBp (nd)
marR marRp 0.79
micF micFp1 (nd)
micFp2 (nd)
micF micFp1 (nd)
micFp2 (nd)
mltF mltFp 0.08
nfo nfop (nd)
nfsB nfsBp 0.11
rob robp (nd)
sodA sodAp 0.27
tolC tolCp1 (nd)
tolCp2 (nd)
tolCp3 (nd)
tolCp4 (nd)
tolC tolCp1 (nd)
tolCp2 (nd)
tolCp3 (nd)
tolCp4 (nd)
ybjC ybjCp 0.20
yiaG yiaGp (nd)
zwf zwfp 0.03