RegulonDB RegulonDB 10.10:Coexpression

Gene Coexpression in Escherichia coli K-12 genome


This section aims to give an overview of different features that are known about the query genes, such as their transcriptional regulation, their gene product, the operon to which they belong and the description of gene ontologies they are associated to. In the case one or more of the input genes are not found in our database, they will appear under the section "gene (s) not found". The table can be sorted by any of the features by clicking icon attached to the name of the feature´s associated column.

Query size: 16 gene(s)

  Gene name Product Operon Gene regulation GOs list
  bglB 6-phospho-β-glucosidase B; cryptic bglGFB CRP , Fis , LeuO , StpA view
  bglF BglF bglGFB CRP , Fis , LeuO , StpA view
  bglG BglG transcriptional antiterminator bglGFB CRP , Fis , LeuO , StpA view
  leuO LeuO DNA-binding transcriptional dual regulator leuO LeuO , StpA view
  sfsB Nlp transcriptional regulator sfsB nd view
  yecT putative protein yecT nd nd
  molR_1 molybdate metabolism regulator (interrupted) molR_1 LexA nd
  ygiZ conserved inner membrane protein ygiZ nd view
  yidL predicted DNA-binding transcriptional regulator yidL nd view
  ykiA putative protein ykiA nd nd
  ynbA predicted inner membrane protein ynbABCD nd view
  ynbB predicted CDP-diglyceride synthase ynbABCD nd view
  ynbC predicted hydrolase ynbABCD nd view
  ynbD predicted phosphatase, inner membrane protein ynbABCD nd view
  ynjI predicted inner membrane protein ynjI nd view
  yqhG conserved protein yqhG nd nd