RegulonDB RegulonDB 10.10:Coexpression

Gene Coexpression in Escherichia coli K-12 genome


This section aims to give an overview of different features that are known about the query genes, such as their transcriptional regulation, their gene product, the operon to which they belong and the description of gene ontologies they are associated to. In the case one or more of the input genes are not found in our database, they will appear under the section "gene (s) not found". The table can be sorted by any of the features by clicking icon attached to the name of the feature´s associated column.

Query size: 36 gene(s)

  Gene name Product Operon Gene regulation GOs list
  bacA undecaprenyl pyrophosphate phosphatase bacA CpxR view
  cheA CheA(S) motAB-cheAW CpxR view
  cheW CheW motAB-cheAW CpxR view
  cpxA CpxA sensory histidine kinase cpxRA CpxR view
  cpxP CpxP cpxPQ CpxR view
  cpxQ CpxQ small regulatory RNA cpxPQ CpxR nd
  cpxR CpxR transcriptional dual regulator cpxRA CpxR view
  dsbA protein disulfide oxidoreductase - DsbAreduced rdoA-dsbA CpxR view
  dsbC protein disulfide isomerase/protein disulfide oxidoreductase - DsbCreduced xerD-dsbC-recJ-prfB-lysS CpxR view
  ftnB predicted ferritin-like protein ftnB CpxR view
  kbp K+ binding protein yqaE-kbp CpxR nd
  ldtC L,D-transpeptidase YcfS ldtC CpxR view
  ldtD L,D-transpeptidase LdtD ldtD CpxR view
  motA MotA protein, proton conductor component of motor; no effect on switching motAB-cheAW CpxR view
  motB MotB protein, enables flagellar motor rotation, linking torque machinery to cell wall motAB-cheAW CpxR view
  mscM mechanosensitive channel of miniconductance MscM psd-mscM CpxR view
  mzrA MzrA yqjA-mzrA CpxR view
  ppiA peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase A (rotamase A) ppiA CRP , CpxR , CytR view
  ppiD periplasmic folding chaperone ppiD CpxR view
  psd phosphatidylserine decarboxylase, proenzyme psd-mscM CpxR view
  rpoE RNA polymerase, sigma 24 (sigma E) factor rpoE-rseABC CRP , CpxR , GlrR , IHF , NtrC , RcsB view
  rpoH RNA polymerase, sigma 32 (sigma H) factor rpoH CRP , CpxR , CytR , DnaA , IHF view
  rseA anti-sigma factor rpoE-rseABC CRP , CpxR , GlrR , IHF , NtrC , RcsB view
  rseB rseB rpoE-rseABC CRP , CpxR , GlrR , IHF , NtrC , RcsB view
  rseC protein RseC rpoE-rseABC CRP , CpxR , GlrR , IHF , NtrC , RcsB view
  sbmA peptide antibiotic / peptide nucleic acid transporter sbmA-yaiW CpxR view
  slt soluble lytic murein transglycosylase slt CpxR view
  rdoA serine/threonine protein kinase rdoA-dsbA CpxR view
  tsr tsr CpxR view
  ung uracil-DNA glycosylase ung CpxR view
  yaiW surface exposed outer membrane lipoprotein sbmA-yaiW CpxR view
  yccA putative carrier/transport protein; substrate or modulator of FtsH-mediated proteolysis yccA CpxR view
  yebE conserved inner membrane protein yebE CpxR view
  yidQ conserved outer membrane protein yidQ CpxR view
  yqaE predicted membrane protein yqaE-kbp CpxR view
  yqjA membrane transport protein; required for proton-motive force (PMF) dependent drug efflux yqjA-mzrA CpxR view