RegulonDB Summary of evolutionary conservation

Summary of evolutionary conservation of ArgR gene regulated (first gene of a TU) interactions

Evolutionary conservation in RegulonDB is limited to gammaproteobacteria. Conservation of a regulatory interaction, i.e. a TF regulating a target gene, is inferred from the overrepresentation of TFBSs in upstream regions of the orthologous target genes. We searched for TFBS conservation only in those genomes with an ortholog for the TF and for the regulated gene. Orthologs were selected based on a bidirectional best-hit procedure using RSAT tools package. Overrepresentation is calculated based on the binomial distribution; the binomial significance is shown in following table as significance of conservation.

First Gene Significance of conservation (nd) Footprint conservation
argA 36.72
argC 70.75
argD 30.75
argE 70.98
argF 26.00
argG 18.13
argI 13.95
argR 41.24
artJ 46.48
artP 6.14
astC 44.87
carA 79.38
gltB 0 (Below threshold)
hisJ nd
metY nd