RegulonDB Evolutionary conservation form help
Evolutionary conservation form help

First Gene: First gene of the regulated TU

Significance of conservation (nd): Overrepresentation is calculated based on the binomial distribution, comparing the observed scores vs. the expected ones for the masked sequence set. Binomial Significance: Significance of obtaining an observed number of sites with a given score or higher, when another number was expected. Here, we report the binomial significance for the specific score (from matrix) associated to the upper threshold on p-value (1e-4).

Footprint conservation: Phylogenetic footprints can be detected by comparison of the sequences of the orthologous genes in differentspecies. Conservation of a regulatory interaction, formed by a TF regulating a target gene, is inferred from the overrepresentation of TFBSs in a set of orthologous regulatory regions for the specified target gene.