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gcvB gene in Escherichia coli K-12 genome

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gcvA ygdI gcvB GcvA GcvA TSS_3119 TSS_3119 TSS_3118 TSS_3118 gcvBp gcvBp gcvAp gcvAp ygdDp2 ygdDp2

Name: gcvB    Texpresso search in the literature
Synonym(s): ECK2804, G0-8867, IS145, b4443, psrA11
Genome position(nucleotides): 2942696 --> 2942901
Strand: forward
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GC content %:  
Reference(s): [1] Argaman L., et al., 2001
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Name: small regulatory RNA GcvB
Synonym(s): GcvB, IS145, PsrA11
Type: small RNA
Multifun Terms (GenProtEC)  
  2 - information transfer --> 2.2 - RNA related --> 2.2.7 - antisense RNA
  3 - regulation --> 3.1 - type of regulation --> 3.1.3 - posttranscriptional
Gene Ontology Terms (GO)  
molecular_function GO:0003729 - mRNA binding
biological_process GO:0040033 - RNA-mediated gene silencing by inhibition of translation
GO:0048255 - mRNA stabilization
GO:1900192 - positive regulation of single-species biofilm formation
GO:1902201 - negative regulation of bacterial-type flagellum-dependent cell motility
Note(s): Note(s): ...[more].
Evidence: [EXP-IEP] Inferred from expression pattern
[EXP-IGI] Inferred from genetic interaction
[EXP-IMP] Inferred from mutant phenotype
Reference(s): [2] Andreassen PR., et al., 2018
[3] Baisa G., et al., 2013
[4] Busi F., et al., 2009
[5] Chen S., et al., 2002
[6] Gorzelak P., et al., 2021
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[14] Tang Q., et al., 2019
[15] Urban JH., et al., 2007
[16] Urbanowski ML., et al., 2000
[17] Yang Q., et al., 2014
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Name: gcvB         
Operon arrangement:
Transcription unit        Promoter

Transcriptional Regulation      
Display Regulation             
Activated by: GcvA

Elements in the selected gene context region unrelated to any object in RegulonDB      

  Type Name Post Left Post Right Strand Notes Evidence (Confirmed, Strong, Weak) References
  promoter ygdDp2 2941721 reverse nd [COMP-AINF] [18]
  promoter TSS_3118 2942729 forward nd [RS-EPT-CBR] [19]
  promoter TSS_3119 2942760 forward nd [RS-EPT-CBR] [19]


 [COMP-AINF] Inferred computationally without human oversight

 [RS-EPT-CBR] RNA-seq using two enrichment strategies for primary transcripts and consistent biological replicates


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