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rrsD gene in Escherichia coli K-12 genome

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rrsD yrdA ileU yrdB Fis Fis Fis Fis Fis DksA DksA DksA-ppGpp DksA-ppGpp DksA-ppGpp DksA-ppGpp ppGpp ppGpp TSS_3601 TSS_3601 rrsDp1 rrsDp1 rrsDp rrsDp rrsDp2 rrsDp2 TSS_3600 TSS_3600

Name: rrsD    Texpresso search in the literature
Synonym(s): ECK3265, EG30087, b3278
Genome position(nucleotides): 3427221 <-- 3428762
Strand: reverse
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Name: 16S ribosomal RNA
Synonym(s): 16S rRNA, rrsD, rrsD 16S ribosomal RNA
Type: rRNA
Cellular location: cytosol
Multifun Terms (GenProtEC)  
  2 - information transfer --> 2.2 - RNA related --> 2.2.6 - rRNA, stable RNA
  2 - information transfer --> 2.3 - protein related --> 2.3.2 - translation
  6 - cell structure --> 6.6 - ribosomes
Gene Ontology Terms (GO)  
cellular_component GO:0005737 - cytoplasm
GO:0022627 - cytosolic small ribosomal subunit
biological_process GO:0006412 - translation
Note(s): Note(s): ...[more].
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Name: rrsD-ileU-alaU-rrlD-rrfD-thrV-rrfF         
Operon arrangement:
Transcription unit        Promoter

Transcriptional Regulation      
Display Regulation             
Activated by: Fis
Repressed by: H-NS, Lrp

Elements in the selected gene context region unrelated to any object in RegulonDB      

  Type Name Post Left Post Right Strand Notes Evidence (Confirmed, Strong, Weak) References
  promoter TSS_3600 3428877 reverse nd [RS-EPT-CBR] [82]
  promoter TSS_3601 3429211 forward nd [RS-EPT-CBR] [82]


 [RS-EPT-CBR] RNA-seq using two enrichment strategies for primary transcripts and consistent biological replicates


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