RegulonDB RegulonDB 10.10: Downloadable High-throughput datasets

Downloadable High-throughput datasets

Our curation is focused on identifying the objects (sites, promoters, interactions) that satisfy a set of criteria regarding confidence and interpretability, in order to upload them in RegulonDB together with all existing knowledge. When these criteria are not satisfied, then we simply offer the data as datasets. This page contains the catalog of the HT datasets.

  ID Type Name|Title Evidence Method Reference
  HTRI00000005 TF Microarray-ArcA-24699140 Microarray nd 24699140
  HTRI00000006 TF Microarray-Fnr-24699140 Microarray nd 24699140
  HTRI00000007 TF Microarray-Lrp-19052235 Microarray nd 19052235
  HTRI00000008 TF RNA-seq-Fur-25222563 RNA-seq nd 25222563
  HTRI00000009 TF RNA-seq-OmpR-28526842 RNA-seq nd 28526842
  HTRI00000081 TF gSELEX-CsgD-21421764 gSELEX nd 21421764
  HTRI00000082 TF gSELEX-DpiA-18997424 gSELEX nd 18997424
  HTRI00000083 TF CHIP-Fis-16963779 CHIP nd 16963779
  HTRI00000087 TF CHIP-FNR-17164287 CHIP nd 17164287
  HTRI00000088 TF CHIP-SV-FNR-17164287 CHIP-SV nd 17164287
  HTRI00000169 TF gSELEX, AIBSCS-CRP-21673794 gSELEX, AIBSCS nd 21673794
  HTRI00000173 TF gSELEX-H-NS-21883529 gSELEX nd 21883529
  HTRI00000174 TF gSELEX, GEA, CV(GEA/gSELEX)-H-NS-21883529 gSELEX, GEA, CV(GEA/gSELEX) nd 21883529
  HTRI00000177 TF gSELEX-LeuO-21883529 gSELEX nd 21883529
  HTRI00000178 TF gSELEX, GEA, CV(GEA/gSELEX)-LeuO-21883529 gSELEX, GEA, CV(GEA/gSELEX) nd 21883529
  HTRI00000180 TF CHIP-SV, MSI-GadE-26258987 CHIP-SV, MSI nd 26258987
  HTRI00000181 TF CHIP-SV, MSI-GadW-26258987 CHIP-SV, MSI nd 26258987
  HTRI00000182 TF CHIP-SV, MSI-GadX-26258987 CHIP-SV, MSI nd 26258987
  HTRI00000214 TF CHIP-SV, MSI-SoxR-26279566 CHIP-SV, MSI nd 26279566
  HTRI00000224 TF CHIP-SV, MSI-SoxS-26279566 CHIP-SV, MSI nd 26279566
  HTRI00000225 TSS RNA-seq-High_throughput_transcription_initiation_mapping_with_5_tri_or_monophosphate_enrichment-19838305 RNA-seq nd 19838305
  HTRI00000227 TSS RNA-seq-StorzG_TSS_Table_LB_2.0-25266388 RNA-seq nd 25266388
  HTRI00000228 TSS RNA-seqStorzG_TSS_Table_M6325266388 RNA-seq nd 25266388
  HTRI00000229 TSS RNA-seq-Promoter_from_454_Dataset-25266388 RNA-seq nd 19838305
  HTRI00000230 TSS RNA-seq-Promoter_from_RACE_Dataset-25266388 RNA-seq nd 19838305
  HTRI00000232 TF Microarray-ArgR-22082910 Microarray Microarray 22082910
  HTRI00000233 TF CHIP-fur-26670385 CHIP nd 26670385
  HTRI00000234 TF CHIP-H-NS-16963779 CHIP nd 16963779
  HTRI00000235 TF CHIP-IHF-16963779 CHIP nd 16963779
  HTRI00000323 TF gSELEX-LeuO-19429622 gSELEX nd 19429622
  HTRI00000328 TF gSELEX-Lrp-28348809 gSELEX nd 28348809
  HTRI00000331 TF gSELEX-NemR-18567656 gSELEX nd 18567656
  HTRI00000332 TF CHIP-NsrR-19656291 CHIP nd 19656291
  HTRI00000333 TF CHIP-SV-NsrR-19656291 CHIP-SV nd 19656291
  HTRI00000335 TF gSELEX-OmpR-26332955 gSELEX nd 26332955
  HTRI00000336 TF GEA-OmpR-26332955 GEA nd 26332955
  HTRI00000337 TF MEME Suite 4.10.1-OmpR-28061857 MEME Suite 4.10.1 nd 28061857
  HTRI00000338 TF gSELEX-PdhR-17513468 gSELEX nd 17513468
  HTRI00000339 TF gSELEX-PgrR-23301696 gSELEX nd 23301696
  HTRI00000340 TF CHIP-PurR-21572102 CHIP nd 21572102
  HTRI00000343 TF CHIP-SV-PurR-21572102 CHIP-SV nd 21572102
  HTRI00000344 TF gSELEX-RcdA-23233451 gSELEX nd 23233451
  HTRI00000345 TF CHIP-RutR-18515344 CHIP nd 18515344
  HTRI00000346 TF CHIP-SVRutR18515344 CHIP-SV nd 18515344
  HTRI00000347 TF gSELEX-RutR-17919280 gSELEX nd 17919280
  HTRI00000348 TF gSELEX-SdiA-24645791 gSELEX nd 24645791
  HTRI00000349 TF gSELEX-RstA-17468243 gSELEX nd 17468243
  HTRI00000351 TF gSELEX-SutR-25406449 gSELEX nd 25406449
  HTRI00000362 TF CHIP-TrpR-22082910 CHIP nd 22082910
  HTRI00000367 TF CHIP-Sigma32-16892065 CHIP nd 16892065
  HTRI00000368 TF CHIP-Sigma38-26020590 CHIP nd 26020590
  HTRI00000371 TF CHIP-Sigma70-16301522 CHIP nd 16301522
  HTRI00000373 TF CHIP-LexA-16264194 CHIP nd 16264194
  HTRI00000376 TF CHIP-SV-ArgR-22082910 CHIP-SV nd 22082910
  HTRI00000377 TF gSELEX-AscG-19633077 gSELEX nd 19633077
  HTRI00000379 TF CHIP, MSI-ArgR-22082910 CHIP, MSI CHIP, MSI 22082910
  HTRI00000380 TF gSELEX, AIBSCS-OmpR-26332955 gSELEX, AIBSCS nd 26332955
  HTRI00000381 TF MEME Suite 4.10.1-OmpR-28061857 ChIP-seq nd 28061857
  HTRI00000445 TF gSELEX-BasR-22442305 gSELEX nd 22442305
  HTRI00000447 TF gSELEX-Cra-16115199 gSELEX nd 16115199
  HTRI00000448 TF gSELEX-Cra-21115656 gSELEX nd 21115656
  HTRI00000449 TF CHIP, AIBSCS-CRP-16301522 CHIP, AIBSCS CHIP, AIBSCS 16301522
  HTRI00000450 TF CHIP, MSI-FNR-23818864 CHIP, MSI nd 23818864
  HTRI00000451 TF CHIP, AIBSCS-LexA-16264194 CHIP, AIBSCS nd 16264194
  HTRI00000452 TF gSELEX, AIBSCS-MntR-21239586 gSELEX, AIBSCS nd 21239586
  HTRI00000453 TF gSELEX, AIBSCS-RstA-17468243 gSELEX, AIBSCS nd 17468243
  HTRI00000454 TF gSELEX, MSI-SutR-25406449 gSELEX, MSI nd 25406449
  HTRI00000455 TF CHIP, MSI-TrpR-22082910 CHIP, MSI nd 22082910
  HTRI00000456 TF CHIP-Sigma32-16818608, 20602746 CHIP nd 16818608
  HTRI00000457 TF CHIP, MSI-Sigma70-23818864 CHIP, MSI nd 23818864
  HTRI00000458 TSS RNA-seq-StorzG_TSS_Table_LB_0.4-25266388 RNA-seq nd 25266388
  HTRI00000459 TF CHIP-SV, MSI-OxyR-26279566 CHIP-SV, MSI nd 26279566
  HTRI00000591 TF gSELEX-TtdR-20156994 gSELEX nd 20156994
  HTRI00000592 TF CHIP-Sigma32-20602746 CHIP nd 20602746
  HTRI00000593 TF RNA-seq-Cra-29394395 RNA-seq nd 29394395
  HTRI00000594 TF RNA-seq-Crp-29394395 RNA-seq nd 29394395
  HTRI00000813 TF RNA-seqGSE54901_WT_DPDvsDeltaFur_DPD.txt25222563 RNA-seq nd 25222563
  HTRI00000824 TF ChIP-seq|RSATcra_acetate.all.regulon29394395 ChIP-seq|RSAT nd 29394395
  HTRI00000825 TF ChIP-seq|RSATcra_fructose.all.regulon29394395 ChIP-seq|RSAT nd 29394395
  HTRI00000826 TF ChIP-seq|RSATcra_glucose.all.regulon29394395 ChIP-seq|RSAT nd 29394395
  HTRI00000827 TF ChIP-exo|RSATfur_DPD.all.regulon25222563 ChIP-exo|RSAT nd 25222563
  HTRI00000828 TF ChIP-exo|RSATfur_FE.all.regulon25222563 ChIP-exo|RSAT nd 25222563
  HTRI00000829 TF ChIP-exo|RSATgadE.all.regulon26258987 ChIP-exo|RSAT nd 26258987
  HTRI00000830 TF ChIP-exo|RSATgadW.all.regulon26258987 ChIP-exo|RSAT nd 26258987
  HTRI00000831 TF ChIP-exo|RSATgadX.all.regulon26258987 ChIP-exo|RSAT nd 26258987
  HTRI00000832 TF ChIP-exo|RSATompR.all.regulon28526842 ChIP-exo|RSAT nd 28526842
  HTRI00000833 TF ChIP-exo|RSAToxyR.all.regulon26279566 ChIP-exo|RSAT nd 26279566
  HTRI00000834 TF ChIP-exo|RSATsoxS.all.regulon26279566 ChIP-exo|RSAT nd 26279566
  HTRI00000839 TF RNA-seqGSE54901_WT_FEvsDeltaFur_FE.txt25222563 RNA-seq nd 25222563
  HTRI00000840 TF RNA-seqGSE65643_WT_AcetatevsDeltacra_Acetate.txt29394395 RNA-seq nd 29394395
  HTRI00000841 TF RNA-seqGSE65643_WT_FructosevsDeltacra_Fructose.txt29394395 RNA-seq nd 29394395
  HTRI00000842 TF RNA-seqGSE65643_WT_GlucosevsDeltacra_Glucose.txt29394395 RNA-seq nd 29394395
  HTRI00000843 TF RNA-seqGSE65710_WT_paraquatvsDeloxyR_paraquat.txt26279566 RNA-seq nd 26279566
  HTRI00000844 TF RNA-seqGSE65710_WT_paraquatvsDeltasoxR_paraqua.txt26279566 RNA-seq nd 26279566
  HTRI00000845 TF RNA-seqGSE65710_WT_paraquatvsDeltasoxS_paraqua.txt26279566 RNA-seq nd 26279566
  HTRI00000846 TF RNA-seqGSE66482_WT_ph5vsDelgadE_ph5.txt26258987 RNA-seq nd 26258987
  HTRI00000847 TF RNA-seqGSE66482_WT_ph5vsDeltagadW_ph5.txt26258987 RNA-seq nd 26258987
  HTRI00000848 TF RNA-seqGSE66482_WT_ph5vsDeltagadX_ph5.txt26258987 RNA-seq nd 26258987
  HTRI00000849 TF RNA-seqGSE88981_WT_NaclvsDeltaompR_NaCl.txt28526842 RNA-seq nd 28526842