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Submitting Data

RegulonDB is the primary electronic knowledgebase of mechanisms of transcriptional regulation in E. coli K-12. Traditionally the data contained in the database comes from an extensive manual curation of published articles.

We are expanding RegulonDB in order to incorporate as tracks in the database, a variety of datasets. The major initial motivation is to facilitate access of datasets from experimental approaches using high throughput (HT) technologies, such as interactions discovered using ChIP-chip/seq, RNA-seq mapping of promoters or transcription units, SELEX experiments, or any large dataset experimentally determined.

This page describes how you can submit data to make it publicly available through RegulonDB.

If you have problems or questions about the submission procedures, just e-mail us at with a brief description of the type of data you are trying to submit, and one of our curators will quickly get back to assist you.

For almost all data submissions, you will be asked to provide the following information:

1Description of the data fileYou need to fill the appropriate template:
* Chip-SeqDescriptionDataFile.doc
* RNA-SeqDescriptionDataFile.doc
2Text tab-delimited table or excel file of the data The columns in this file must match with the order in the document of the description of the data file (Step 1)

The curators' team will check the dataset, and additional information will be added to the Description Document, such as the evidence classification for HT methodologies implemented in RegulonDB (See Weiss, submitted). You will receive an email from us when your data is made public in the tracks tools in RegulonDB.

Please be aware that we are working in internal processes for identifying when objects (promoters, sites, transcription units) have multiple different sources of evidence (Weiss et al., submitted). As a result, a fraction of your dataset may be incorporated as new objects or as additional evidence to previously existing objects in RegulonDB.

Submit your data

        Email contact


   1.- Description data file


   2.- Data file



RegulonDB assumes that the submitter has received any necessary informed consent authorizations required prior to submitting data.