RegulonDB RegulonDB 11.0: Downloadable Experimental Datasets

Downloadable Experimental Datasets

RegulonDB 11.0, 08/22/2022.

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Datasets supported by literature with experimental evidence:
E. coli K-12 genome sequence used into RegulonDB E. coli K-12 genome sequence raw format Download
E. coli K-12 genebank Download
E. coli K-12 genebank refseq Download
Gene Sequence Download
5' and 3' UTR sequence of TUs Download
Gene - Product
All gene products Download
Gene Product Identifiers Download
sRNA genes Download
Transcriptional Factors - Functional conformation Download
TF binding sites Download
Regulatory Network Interactions
TF - gene interactions Download
TF - operon interactions Download
TF - TU interactions Download
TF - TF interactions Download
Sigma - gene interactions Download
Sigma - TU interactions Download
Alon and MA interactions Download
sRNA - gene interactions Download
All Promoters Download
Sigma 70 Download
Sigma 54 Download
Sigma 38 Download
Sigma 32 Download
Sigma 28 Download
Sigma 24 Download
Sigma 19 Download
Unknown Download
Transcription start sites experimentally determined in the laboratory of Dr. Morett
High-throughput transcription initiation mapping. Illumina directional RNA-seq experiments were total RNA received different treatments to enrich for 5' monophosphate or 5' triphosphate ends. Version 3.0. See the file description. Download
High-throughput transcription initiation mapping. See the file description. Download
5'-RACE transcription initiation mapping with specific primers. See the file description. Download
Transcription Factor Weight Matrix

TF-Matrix browser


Active and Inactive Transcription Factor Conformations Download
Transcription Units Download
Operons Download
Growth Conditions Download
RBSs Download
Terminators Download