RegulonDB RegulonDB 11.2: Operon Form

purL operon and associated TUs in Escherichia coli K-12 genome

Name: purL
This page displays every known transcription unit of this operon and their known regulation.

Transcription unit          
Name: purL
Synonym(s): OP00079
Gene(s): purL   Genome Browser M3D Gene expression COLOMBOS
Reference(s): [1] Meng LM., et al., 1990
Name: purLp
+1: 2695589
Sigma Factor: Sigma70 Sigmulon
Distance from start of the gene: 46
Sequence: gtgattttatttccacgcaaacggtttcgtcagcgcatcagattctttataatgacgcccGtttcccccccttgggtacac
                              -35                    -10    +1                   
Evidence: [COMP-AINF]
Reference(s): [2] He B., et al., 1990
[3] Huerta AM., et al., 2003
[4] Ohnoki S., et al., 1977
[5] Salgado H, et al., 2012
[6] Sampei G., et al., 1989
TF binding sites (TFBSs)
Type Transcription factor Function Promoter Binding Sites Growth Conditions Evidence Confidence level (C: Confirmed, S: Strong, W: Weak) Reference(s)
LeftPos RightPos Central Rel-Pos Sequence


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