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asnA operon and associated TUs in Escherichia coli K-12 genome

Name: asnA
This page displays every known transcription unit of this operon and their known regulation.

Transcription unit          
Name: asnA
Synonym(s): OP00152
Gene(s): asnA   Genome Browser M3D Gene expression COLOMBOS
Note(s): Under nitrogen-limiting growth conditions, the transcription of the asnA gene is reduced as a consequence of the absence of AsnC, a protein that activates asnA transcription Poggio S,2002.
The transcription activation of asnA by the AsnC protein is turned off by
asparagine Kolling R,1985.
In contrast to the effect of asparagine on the regulation of asnA by
AsnC, this amino acid does not affect the autoregulation of AsnC r>[2864330]|.
Evidence: [COMP-AINF-SINGLE-DIRECTON] Automated inference that a single-gene directon is a transcription unit
Name: asnAp
+1: 3927129
Sigma Factor: Sigma70 Sigmulon
Distance from start of the gene: 26
Sequence: gagttaggctttttattgaatgattattgcatgtgtgtcggtttttgttgcttaatcataAgcaacaggacgcaggagtat
                           -35                        -10   +1                   
Evidence: [COMP-AINF]
Reference(s): [1] Huerta AM., et al., 2003
[2] Kolling R., et al., 1985
TF binding sites (TFBSs)
Type Transcription factor Function Promoter Binding Sites Growth Conditions Evidence Confidence level (C: Confirmed, S: Strong, W: Weak) Reference(s)
LeftPos RightPos Central Rel-Pos Sequence
remote AsnC activator asnAp 3927013 3927026 -109.5 taggattttcTTATGCGGATTGATgattcattct nd [EXP-IEP-GENE-EXPRESSION-ANALYSIS], [COMP-AINF-SIMILAR-TO-CONSENSUS] W [2]
proximal AsnC activator asnAp 3927047 3927060 -75.5 attttagcctTCTTTTTTAATGAAtcaaaagtga nd [EXP-IEP-GENE-EXPRESSION-ANALYSIS], [COMP-AINF-SIMILAR-TO-CONSENSUS] W [2]
proximal AsnC activator asnAp 3927079 3927092 -43.5 gagttaggctTTTTATTGAATGATtattgcatgt nd [EXP-IEP-GENE-EXPRESSION-ANALYSIS], [COMP-AINF-SIMILAR-TO-CONSENSUS] W [2], [4]
proximal AsnC activator asnAp 3927110 3927123 -12.5 tgtgtgtcggTTTTTGTTGCTTAAtcataagcaa nd [EXP-IEP-GENE-EXPRESSION-ANALYSIS], [COMP-AINF-SIMILAR-TO-CONSENSUS] W [2]
sRNA Interaction TU
sRNA TU Regulated Function Binding Sites Regulatory Mechanism Evidence (Confirmed, Strong, Weak) Reference(s)
PosLeft PosRight Target sequence (mRNA)
small regulatory RNA GcvB asnA repressor 3927136 3927148 GGACGCAGGAGUA MRNA-DEGRADATION [EXP-IEP], [EXP-NUC-ACID-BINDING] [3]

RNA cis-regulatory element    
Regulation, transcriptional elongation  
Attenuator type: Translational
Strand: forward
  Structure type Energy LeftPos RightPos Sequence (RNA-strand)
  terminator -11.6 3927111 3927138 tgtgtcggttTTTGTTGCTTAATCATAAGCAACAGGAcgcaggagta
Notes: "The provided "Sequence" is that of the RNA strand, i.e. U's are shown instead of T's and regulators on the reverse strand will appear as the reverse complement of the sequence delimited by LeftPos-RigtPos"