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bioBFCD operon and associated TUs in Escherichia coli K-12 genome

Name: bioBFCD
This page displays every known transcription unit of this operon and their known regulation.

Transcription unit          
Name: bioBFCD
Synonym(s): OP00157
Gene(s): bioB, bioF, bioC, bioD   Genome Browser M3D Gene expression COLOMBOS
Note(s): The expression of bioBFCD is repressed by the BirA protein, which is not only a transcriptional factor but also a biotin protein ligase (whose target is the AccB protein). Therefore, when AccB is overproduced, the bio operon is derepressed, because BirA is linked to AccB. On the other hand, as AccC protein (which forms a complex with AccB) is overproduced, AccB is kidnapped from the BirA-AccB complex (so that now AccB binds to AccC) and BirA is allowed to freely bind to its operator site to repress the bio operon Abdel-Hamid AM, Cronan JE,2007.
The mRNA that contains the bioF gene has been observed mainly in the cellular membrane Kannaiah S, Livny J, Amster-Choder O,2019.
Reference(s): [1] Nath SK., et al., 1982
Name: bioBp
+1: 809302
Sigma Factor: Sigma70 Sigmulon
Distance from start of the gene: 42
Sequence: gatcgtccgttgtcataatcgacttgtaaaccaaattgaaaagatttaggtttacaagtcTacaccgaattaacaacaaaa
                        -35                    -10          +1                   
Evidence: [COMP-AINF]
Reference(s): [2] Huerta AM., et al., 2003
[3] Otsuka A., et al., 1978
TF binding sites (TFBSs)
Type Transcription factor Function Promoter Binding Sites Growth Conditions Evidence Confidence level (C: Confirmed, S: Strong, W: Weak) Reference(s)
LeftPos RightPos Central Rel-Pos Sequence
proximal BirA-biotinyl-5'-adenylate repressor bioBp 809262 809302 -20.5 tgtcataatcGACTTGTAAACCAAATTGAAAAGATTTAGGTTTACAAGTCTacaccgaatt nd [EXP-IMP-SITE-MUTATION] nd nd