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yecF operon and associated TUs in Escherichia coli K-12 genome

Name: yecF
This page displays every known transcription unit of this operon and their known regulation.

Transcription unit       
Name: yecF
Gene(s): yecF   Genome Browser M3D Gene expression COLOMBOS
Evidence: [AISGDTU] Automated inference that a single-gene directon is a transcription unit
Name: yecFp
+1: 1995717
Sigma Factor: Sigma28 Sigmulon
Distance from start of the gene: 101
Sequence: gataaaaatatttattggtcattatattaacgtattttatagcactgccgatatcacgctCaaaaaacaaccactgctatt
                            -35                -10          +1                   
Note(s): Yu et al. showed in 2006 that transcription of yecF is highly dependent on alternative factor σF and can be transcribed by RNA polymerase σ28 in vitro Yu HH,2006.
The sequence of this promoter has been defined, by computational analyses, from the consensus sequence of the σ28F) promoters: TAAAGTTT in the -35 box and GCCGATAA in the -10 box Yu HH,2006. Therefore, we assigned a putative transcription start site for this promoter based on the observation that the majority of the σ28 promoters, determined experimentally, present an important -10 motif (5'-CGA-3') at the positions -12 to -10 and a distance of 6 nucleotides between the transcription start site and the -10 box 16855242. Yu HH,2006. Park K,2001.
Evidence: [HIPP]
Reference(s): [1] Huerta AM., et al., 2003
[2] Yu HH., et al., 2006
Type: rho-independent
Reference(s): [3] Feng CQ., et al., 2019
[4] Lesnik EA., et al., 2001