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cyaR operon and associated TUs in Escherichia coli K-12 genome

Name: cyaR
This page displays every known transcription unit of this operon and their known regulation.

Transcription unit          
Name: cyaR
Gene(s): cyaR   Genome Browser M3D Gene expression COLOMBOS
Note(s): A stem-loop of the ρ-independent terminator for the cyaR gene was predicted by Johansen et al. (2008). However, the terminator is inside of the cyaR gene Johansen J,2008
CRP controls cyaR expression under conditions in which cAMP levels are high De Lay N,2009

Evidence: [BTEI] Boundaries of transcription experimentally identified
[ICWHO] Inferred computationally without human oversight
[LTED] Length of transcript experimentally determined
Reference(s): [1] Johansen J., et al., 2008
[2] Wassarman KM., et al., 2001
Name: cyaRp
+1: 2167114
Sigma Factor: Sigma24, Sigma70, Sigma38
Distance from start of the gene: 0
Sequence: tggaaaattcttagaaaccgatcacatacagctgcatttattaaggttatcatccgtttcGctgaaaaacataacccataa
                          -35                   -10         +1                   
Note(s): cyaRp could be transcribed from EσE, since cyaR expression is up-regulated in response to an increase in the activity of σE. Furthermore, a small group of σE-regulated factors is also regulated by σ70. Another issue is the fact that the -10 and -35 boxes of cyaR match with the ecfFp2 boxes, which are under control of σE. In addition, cyaRp contains in the upstream region an AU-rich region which may have a role in recognition of the alternative RNA polymerases Johansen J,2008
Evidence: [AIPP]
Reference(s): [3] De Lay N., et al., 2009
[1] Johansen J., et al., 2008
[4] Maciag A., et al., 2011
[5] Salgado H, et al., 2012
Type: rho-independent
Reference(s): [3] De Lay N., et al., 2009
TF binding sites (TFBSs)
Type Transcription factor Function Promoter Binding Sites Growth Conditions Evidence (Confirmed, Strong, Weak) Reference(s)
LeftPos RightPos Central Rel-Pos Sequence
proximal CRP-cAMP activator cyaRp 2167061 2167082 -42.5 ggatggaaaaTTCTTAGAAACCGATCACATACagctgcattt nd [AIBSCS], [BPP], [CV(CHIP-SV/GEA/ROMA)], [CV(CHIP-SV/SM)], [CV(GEA/ROMA)], [CV(GEA/ROMA/SM)], [GEA], [SM] [1], [3]
Type Transcription factor Function Promoter Binding Sites Growth Conditions Evidence (Confirmed, Strong, Weak) Reference(s)
LeftPos RightPos Central Rel-Pos Sequence
nd CpxR-Phosphorylated repressor cyaRp nd nd nd nd nd [BPP], [GEA] [6]


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