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SoxS regulon in Escherichia coli K-12 genome

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Connectivity class Local Regulator
Synonym(s): DNA-binding transcriptional dual regulator SoxS, regulation of superoxide response regulon
Gene name(s): soxS
Functional conformation(s): SoxS
Coregulator(s): AcrR, ArcA, BasR, CRP, CpxR, Cra, DnaA, EnvR, FNR, Fis, Fur, H-NS, HU, IHF, Lrp, MarA, MarR, Mlc, MprA, NarL, OmpR, OxyR, PhoP, Rob, SoxR, SoxS, Zur
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KNOWN BINDING SITES (The central relative position is relative to the promoter +1)    
SoxS activator    
Transcription Factor
Binding Sites
Functional conformation
Central Rel-Pos
SoxS activator ribAp1 ribA 1339249 1339268 -69.0 caggaaaaatTGACAGATTTGTGCCATTCCGtgaacgatcg   [1]
SoxS activator fldBp fldB 3039763 3039782 -49.0 ttatggtcacTCATTTGATCCATTATGCCTTattgtgccgt   [5]
SoxS activator fldBp fldB 3039774 3039794 -38.0 catttgatccATTATGCCTTATTGTGCCGTGactaaagcga   [5]
SoxS activator fldAp fur , uof , fldA 711573 711592 -61.5 tttccactttCATGTAGCACAGTGTGCAGTCctgctcgttt   [3]
SoxS activator pgip pgi 4233673 4233693 -39.5 cattacgctaACGGCACTAAAACCATCACATttttctgtga   [6]
SoxS activator ydbKp ompN , ydbK 1440876 1440895 -54.5 cgctgatgtgGGGGACACAAAAGCGAAAATGcagaagaaag   [10]
SoxS activator ydbKp ompN , ydbK 1440872 1440891 -50.5 gatgtgggggACACAAAAGCGAAAATGCAGAagaaagccat   [10]
SoxS activator nepIp nepI 3841756 3841775 6.0 tgttaaagtgGTCGGCTTTTCCCCTGAAACAtgccacgggt   [4]
SoxS activator pgip2 pgi 4233673 4233693 -39.5 cattacgctaACGGCACTAAAACCATCACATttttctgtga   [6]

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