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putative small regulatory RNA antitoxin SokB small RNA in Escherichia coli K-12 genome

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small RNA      
Gene name: sokB    Texpresso search in the literature
Synonym(s): SokB, antisense RNA blocking mokB and hokB translation
Genome position: 1492119 --> 1492174
Strand: forward
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Note(s): sokB encodes a small antisense RNA with a half life of 4 minutes that is predicted to regulate the translation of MokB and HokB Pedersen K,1999.
The hokB/sokB locus of E. coli K-12 encodes an intact hok/sok toxin/antitoxin system. The hokB mRNA appears to be processed at its 3' end Pedersen K,1999.
In the plasmid R1 hok/sok system, Sok antisense RNA binds with hok mRNA, allowing cleavage by RNase III 10473621. 1380562.
IS-mediated knockout of hokB-sokB was found in a long-term evolution experiment with E. coli B Schneider D,2000.
SokB: suppression of killing B Pedersen K,1999
Reviews: 9442888. 17376733. 23131729. 32213244
Evidence: [HIFS] Human inference of function from sequence
Reference(s): [1] Faridani OR., et al., 2006
[2] Pedersen K., et al., 1999
[3] Woods R., et al., 2006
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M3D: putative small regulatory RNA antitoxin SokB


 [1] Faridani OR., Nikravesh A., Pandey DP., Gerdes K., Good L., 2006, Competitive inhibition of natural antisense Sok-RNA interactions activates Hok-mediated cell killing in Escherichia coli., Nucleic Acids Res 34(20):5915-22

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