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small regulatory RNA MicL-S small RNA in Escherichia coli K-12 genome

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torY cutC yecM micL cutCp2 cutCp2 micLp2 micLp2 micLp1 micLp1 TSS_2221 TSS_2221
small RNA      
Gene name: micL    Texpresso search in the literature
Synonym(s): MicL-S, RyeF, SlrA
Genome position: 1958441 <-- 1958520
Strand: reverse
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Note(s): MicL is a small RNA that negatively regulates translation of |FRAME: EG10544 lpp|, one of the most highly expressed genes in E. coli. Binding of Hfq to MicL and MicL-S stabilizes both small RNAs Guo MS,2014. MicL/SlrA was also isolated as a suppressor of the ΔlapAB mutant phenotype Klein G,2014.
The 307 Klein G,2014 or 308 Guo MS,2014 nt primary transcript is processed to yield the 80 nt MicL-S non-coding RNA Klein G,2014. Guo MS,2014. Correct processing of MicL to MicL-S by RNase E requires stable tandem stem-loops that are located 3' to the cleavage site Updegrove TB,2019.
Expression of MicL is σE-dependent and induced during transition to stationary phase Guo MS,2014. Lacoux C,2020. The transcript of micL is increased after σE induction, but no effect on expression was observed for its target, based on high-throughput analysis of gene expression Lacoux C,2020.
Expression of MicL on a medium-copy plasmid rescues the growth defect of the ΔlapAB deletion strain on rich medium and MacConkey agar. Constitutive expression of MicL rescues the growth defect of a ΔdegP strain at 42°C Klein G,2014. Overexpression of RyeF (MicL) decreases swarming motility Bak G,2015. A ΔmicL mutant is sensitive to cell envelope stress Hobbs EC,2010.
SlrA: suppressing lap RNA Klein G,2014
MicL: mRNA-interfering complementary RNA regulator of Lpp Guo MS,2014
Reviews: 26618164. Frohlich KS,2018
Evidence: [IGI] Inferred from genetic interaction
[IMP] Inferred from mutant phenotype
Reference(s): [1] Guo MS., et al., 2014
[2] Klein G., et al., 2014
[3] Nicoloff H., et al., 2017
[4] Zhang A., et al., 2003
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Regulation exerted by the small RNA    
  Target Mechanism Function Target Type Binding Site Evidence
LeftPos RightPos Sequence
Evidence: [IEP] Inferred from expression pattern
[SM] Site mutation


 [1] Guo MS., Updegrove TB., Gogol EB., Shabalina SA., Gross CA., Storz G., 2014, MicL, a new σE-dependent sRNA, combats envelope stress by repressing synthesis of Lpp, the major outer membrane lipoprotein., Genes Dev 28(14):1620-34

 [2] Klein G., Kobylak N., Lindner B., Stupak A., Raina S., 2014, Assembly of lipopolysaccharide in Escherichia coli requires the essential LapB heat shock protein., J Biol Chem 289(21):14829-53

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